How to get your right size when buying clothes online GUIDE

One of our biggest fears when buying clothes online is not getting the right size, because not all fabrics fit the same! We also don't know exactly how that dress we like so much falls or how tight that cute skirt will fit us.

If we don't take it with philosophy, buying clothes online can end up driving us crazy.

That's why today we bring you four tips so that you can become a master of buying clothes online and emerge victorious from the battle!

1) Know your body and your measurements:

It is very important that when buying clothes online you look at the size guide. Each brand can use its own size guide and they don't have to coincide with each other. So, the more detailed the guide is, the more accurate we will be able to see how the piece will fit us. To be able to compare and get an idea of how the piece will fit, the first thing we are going to do is to take a flexible tape measure and start measuring ourselves.

  • BREAST: to start measuring your chest you have to take into account that the fabric of any garment will add a few centimetres to your measurement. Therefore, if you usually wear a bra on a daily basis, take your measurements with it on. If you don't wear a bra, take your measurements as they are. Do not tuck your chest in or out or exhale, just breathe normally. Wrap the tape around your chest and pass it just under your armpits. The ends of the tape measure should be right in front of your chest so you can see the size, make sure the tape is straight, no kinks!
  • WAIST: the first step is to locate your waist. It's very simple, just put your hands on your waist, as you usually do. The waist is the narrowest part of the torso and is usually located at or just above the navel. This is the distance we need to measure. So, take the tape measure, just as you did with the chest, breathe normally and measure!
  • HIP: as in the previous cases, we have to be aware that the clothes we wear will add a few centimetres to our measurements.

To start measuring, keep your feet together, having them apart can add a few centimetres to your measurements. The hip is usually thicker than the waist and is found below the navel. It is the part that encompasses the buttocks. You should take your hip measurements at the widest point. So, once the tape measure is in place, move it up and down to find that point. That's it!

2) Always check if there are photos or videos of the fabric.

Concrete and detailed photos of the fabric, accessories and appliqués of the piece allow us to see the quality of the piece.  Check out their social networks to see more photos and videos of the brand!

You won't need to touch it, just by looking at the photo you'll have enough to get an idea of the fabric, the feel and the drape of the piece. A video of the model wearing the dress will give you even more information and you will be able to see how this piece feels when you walk, it has never been so easy to buy clothes online!

3) Look at the reference with the height and body of the model.

Actually who is giving us the reference on whether that piece can fit us or not, is the model we see in the photos. Always try to look for brands that are committed to the diversity of bodies and skin tones, so we can really see how the piece fits when buying clothes online!

4) What do customers think?

There is no better review when buying clothes online than the opinion of other people who already have this piece. See if customers have left reviews about the particular piece or if there is a forum on the brand's website where you can comment on the shopping experience. There is no better indicator of whether a piece is good than the opinion of those people who already have it!

With these 4 tips it will be impossible to go wrong when buying clothes online! Do you already use these steps or do you have your own personal trick? Share with us your star trick by leaving a comment on this post!

If you're interested in knowing how to make your wardrobe more sustainable, we've prepared a very practical guide to get you started. You can download it, HERE!

And keep stopping by our Blog for more articles on sustainability, we look forward to seeing you every week!


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